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The design of the patients furniture should ensure a reduction in the risk of care giver and patient injury.

Ergonomic bed designs that provide safety in the bed, as well as when mobilising from the bed - are a key priority.

Features that ensure extra low heights to reduce the injury rate if a patient falls to features that enhance the mobility of the bed when being pushed by the care staff are also important considerations.

Ergonomic sleep deck design with a good quality surface can reduce the risk of tissue breakdown, and in all this MMO are not only focused on ensuring safety but we also focus on patient dignity

as is seen in the discreetly aesthetic "home feeling " product designs for patient in long terms care, and the clinical beneifts in the acute care range. 


Service From MMO international

Our international network of MMO representatives will assist you in attaining your objectives.

Working together to build the best products and create comfortable, cost-effective environments

We offer catalogue products to our clients but we also provide a custom-build service through our internal design and engineering departments, adapting equipment to your specific needs (provided that significant quantities are desired).

Delivering and installing equipment on time is an essential part of the MMO spirit. Our main objective is to put our expertise and industrial capability at your disposition, in the completion of your projects from the initial concept to delivery and installation.



Room building solutions

Planning a facility has many challenges, not least understanding how each product will fit and look in a room. Every party has their own key priorities, from clinical staff looking for storage to design staff interested in the look and procurement rightly concerned that the project remains within budget. We offer a unique personal service either directly with the architect or with the end customer. Our experienced technical CAD team has many years of experience in the hospital and long term care arena working with customers identifying needs and transforming them into ideas and concepts that include the products best suited to meet the needs.

We will sit with you first to understand everyone needs and budget; we use a professional application for space planning.

With your involvement the software will aid in the creation of complex furnishing solutions. You can firstly configure then visualise your selected MMO products in situ. We can also provide photo realistic images for your use and presentation.

This service, dependant on the number of rooms, can be complete in 10 days for the single, less complex rooms, to 4 weeks for a complex multi room development.