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Pro Series Lifts - Calibre

Massive lift capacity (SWL) 385kgs/60st  -  Integrated digital weigh-scale  -  Powered base  -  Large 6-point cradle  -  Ergonomic design  -  Twin pivoted front castors


Pro Series Lifts - Calibre

The Oxford Calibre is an ergonomically designed patient lift for the safe lifting of bariatric patients. Sturdy and robust, yet incredibly versatile, the Calibre has an impressive safe working load of 385 kg/60 st and meets the unique demands of bariatric care in today’s modern healthcare environment.



The Calibre’s robust design and incredible lifting capacity ensures it can cope with the vast majority of bariatric transfer requirements including :

  • Chair to chair transfers
  • Bed to chair transfers
  • Floor to chair transfers
  • Chair to bath transfers

Integrated digital weigh-scale

The Class III rated, digital weigh-scale comes as standard and is perfect for patient monitoring.

Compact and easy to use, with intuitive controls and dual display, the digital weigh-scale eliminate the need for additional equipment and unnecessary transfers.