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Pro Series Lifts - Advance

Compact design  -  Easy to transport/store  -  Exceptionally versatile


Pro Series Lifts - Advance

The Advance patient hoist from Oxford signifies a real stride forward in patient lift design and performance. It uses the latest design and manufacturing technologies to ensure the Advance is the most functional and stylish hoist in its class today.

  • Ergonomic Considerations: Making the device simple and safe to use.
  • Injury Prevention Focus:Ensuring that we add features that facilitate safe transfer practice.
  • Human Factors:Paying attention to the positioning of key interaction points such as handles and battery pack.
Award winning product

All of the above has delivered what we feel is truly an outstanding product concept. One reason why the Oxford Advance is the proud winner of a ‘Commendable Design Concept Award’ from the Independent Living Foundation.