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MMO 3000

This simple clean design, has a four section platform with a built in sliding backrest to ensure patients are sat up in the most ergonomically effective way, preventing slipping and reducing the risk of pressure ulcer development.

The ultra low position ensures massive reduction in injury if the patient is at risk of falling from the frame, this product provides the ultimate in safety, reliablity and ease of use.

MMO 3000
Electric sleep deck

With sliding backrest to optimise position, reduce slipping and reduce the risk of pressure ulcer developement 

Easy to Clean

All the materials are easy to clean and resist the use of the standard chimical clinic products

Easy patient positioning

Enhanced patient positioning, comfort, safety and dignity - all with the touch of a button

With full chair position

Side Rail Design

Discrete side rail design can be lowered or raised with one hand, and can be lowered even in the lowest position 

Ultra low

Ultra low position to avoid injury if the patient falls, increase safety ans security for the patients. 

The sleep deck sliding backrest has been specially designed to aid in the prevention of tissue damage.

The chair position ensured dignity and interaction with family

For safety the ultra-low design lowers to 19cm from the floor

High manoeuvrability is achievable with a 70 mm castor system

Automatic breaking in lowest position  

Side rail options


Reverse Trendelenburg

Battery back up

Full range of accessories

Electric functions

Safety lock to lock functions

SWL of 185Kgs – supporting up to 250 Kgs

Removable sleep deck

100% recyclable

Metal spacer to prevent damage to wards walls or gasses during lowering or raising

This product is CE marked and conforms to the IEC 60 601-2-52 standard

This product is focused on safety and ergonomics - its ergonomic design ensure the backrest slides to accommodate a sitting position without slipping or sliding therefore reducing the risk of tissue damage in this vulnerable group of patients, the ultra low position ensure a safe and secure platform to nurse confused or agitated patients in. if a patient is at risk of falling the ultra low height will reduce the risk of injury and allow the patient to exit the bed with safety.

Side rail options also ensure safety weather raise or lowered – the discrete design allows the rails to be lowered with one had in the high or low position.

A chair position ensures comfort and dignity for the patient at all times, giving them the ability to communicate with family with ease.

This bed is also designed and has been shown to save nursing time, there is no need to reposition the patient every time they are sat up – the sliding backrest ensures the correct position at all times.

There is no need to lift the patient into a sitting position for meals – the auto contour and sliding backrest prevent slipping and ensure a good sitting position.

There is less need for 2 nurses to mobilise a patient – the ultra low height encourages independence or help with only just one nurse.

The clean design speeds up the cleaning process

And there is no emergency when patients fall out the bed, if it is at its lower height patient injury rate will reduce.

In summary this combination has shown a reduction in nursing time around the bed space whilst increasing independence for the patient. 

Dimensions du plan de couchage : 200X90cm
Largeur x Longueur totales : 104X214cm
Largeur x Longueur totales (avec barrières) : 99,8X214cm
Hauteur minimum et maximum : 19cm et 81cm 
Proclive/ déclive : -19° / +19°
Angle d'inclinaison du relève buste : 70°
Angle d'inclinaison de la plicature genoux : 30°
Angle d'inclinaison de relève jambes : 20°
Charge de sécurité : 250kg
Capacité maximale de levage : 350kg