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SANA 800

Hydraulic Secured all functions special bed.

SANA 1200

  • A comfort chair position to encourage dignity and interaction
  • No cables – to ensure safety with dementia and psychiatric patients
  • Backrest and leg section is gas assisted and extremely easy to use
  • Hydraulic hi-low, will allow height changes to increase safety without the risk of cables.
  • All moving parts are strongly secured to prevent removal and choke risk.
  • All the materials are easy to clean and resist the use of the standard chemical.
  • For therapeutic and specific safety needs, easy fastening and folding side rails are optional.
  • 125mm individual brake castors, allow patient transfer
  • Safe working load of 185kg. Maximum capacity load 250kg
  • CPR function
  • Recyclable
  • This bed is CE marked and conforms to the IEC 60 601-2-52 standard
  •  Large colour choice 

This bed is designed to cater for the most vulnerable dementia patient and offer a safe platform whilst they are in the bed and maximum safety around the bed space

The design allows patient movement, into a sitting position to encourage interaction and dignity whilst offering maximum comfort, it offers high low to ensure the correct height for care staff and patients alike – this will reduce injury whilst carrying out patient care and reduce the risk of falls during mobilisation. All of this is easy to achieve and available with no cables, thus ensuring safety with this vulnerable group.

The product is made to ensure that no parts become loose or can be picked and removed by the patient, this is an important feature to enhance safety and reduce the risk of the patient injuring themselves.

A large range of colours are available for the head and footboard to ensure these product fit beautifully into the care setting, also softer colours can create calming in some clinical situations whilst with others bright light colours will stimulate.

This product also comes with a large range of complimentary furniture that is safe, strong and robust and can be colour co-ordinated with the bed and environment


Frame with standard sleep deck : 200 x 90 cm

Maximum width with siderails : 102 cm

Maximum length with siderails : 211 à 219 cm

Sleep deck miniand max height position : 38 à 83 cm

Head section angle : 70°

Knee section angle : 30°

Foot section angle : 20° à 30°

Working safe load : 185 kg

Bed lift maximum capacity : 250 kg