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MMO 5000

MMO 5000

Standard configuration :

  • Electrically variable height and backrest
  • 23 cm sliding backrest
  • Emergency flat position of the backrest
  • Manual leg elevation
  • Cable remote control with selective positions
  • 4 supports for IV poles: two at the head and two at the foot
  • 2 supports for the patient helper at the head position
  • Head and foot boards in a choice of styles

Options :

  • Emergency bilateral flat position of the backrest (CPR)
  • Electric knee-brake
  • Integrated bed extension (18 cm)
  • Infrared remote control
  • Infrared receiver unit
  • Double remote controls: cable and infrared


The comfort position allows :
• A better distribution of pressure points.
• A reduction of pressure in fragile areas.
• Maintains pulmonary efficiency.

The Trendelenburg action permits the patient to be safely placed in a seated position in the bed.
The sloping angle allows the caregiver to re-position the patient to the head board with little or no effort.

The sliding backrest :
The long sliding backrest (23 cm) on the sleep deck avoids the complications arising from abdominal compression and friction and shear, which are responsible for the development of pressure sores.



The MMO5000 bed provides security and protection of the patient during hospitalization by offering :
• An ultra-low position, 19 or 21 cm from the ground depending on the diameter of the wheels.
• Customization of the variable height for each patient allowing autonomy for patient mobilisation
• Split side rails, or 3 bar long side rails for mattresses up to 15 cm thick or 4 bars for mattresses up to 26 cm thick.

Central braking:
The MMO5000 features a safe central braking system :
- The bed automatically stops at 22 to 24 cm from the floor (depending on the diameter of the casters)
- The final automatic stop is then at 19 cm to 21 cm (depending on casters) from the floor.



Moving and stretcher
The set of eight 100 mm multidirectional castors provide exceptional maneuverability.
They allow the movement of the bed in all directions with little effort. This is particularly appreciated when cleaning the room. In “directional mode“ (one steering caster locked), the MMO5000 bed provides simple, ergonomic transportation by one person.


• Sleep deck dimensions: 90 cm x 200 cm*
• Bedframe dimensions: 99.8 cm x 214 cm*
• High-Low positions: 19 cm – 83 cm
• Trendelenburg Reverse Trendlenburg angles: +/-14°
• Backrest angle: 70°
• Knee-brake angle: 30°
• Leg elevation angle: 20°
• Maximum patient load : 215 kg
• Safety load: 250 kg

* Width and length