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TEMPO Bedside Cabinate

Hospital Bedside Cabinate's.


TEMPO Bedside Cabinate

The door can be opened to 270°.

An integrated fridge option.

Optional configuration -  4 castors with or without brake or 2 castors and 2 feet to increase safety

Large colour choice

Rounded edges

Hard removable plastic tray to cover top

No areas to harbour infection, smooth lines for easy cleaning 

Dual side drawer opening with plastic tray

Water bottle holder

Discreet bedpan holder


4 corner bumpers 

The door of the cabinet can be opened to 270, which allows easy access for the patient without damaging the furniture, the patients has full visibility of his/her belongings reducing stress and anxiety.  

The option of a fridge could be integrated into the cabinet, allowing storage of fresh fruit or water

And a large colour choice allows the care facility to match room colour bed colour and ultimately create an aesthetic home environment.

The product boasts many features to help with infection prevention and safety – a removable plastic try on the top is easily removed for proper cleaning, drawer liners also allow easy of cleaning when removed, and 270 degree door opening means full and easy access for cleaning.

The lightweight rounded shape poses no sharp edges, and therefore will prevent injury to patients and carers – the castor choice also ensures safety when parked, and the bumpers protects the product to ensure the aesthetics in this robust design last as long as the product.